Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life Drawing - Stop Rendering!

Last week was an interesting week for figure drawing. This 10 minute pose was from Wednesday (or maybe it was 15 minutes?) and clearly I did not listen to Will when he told me to stop the "shitty, scratchy" lines. I was being lazy and rendering instead of paying attention to what I was doing.

Basically, more of the same. But! The next day in Karl Gnass's class, I worked on it and did a few nice things I think.

Here I have some better line quality. Better use of my tool. But obviously I need a lot of work. One thing I really need to work on is my five minute poses and completing them. For some reason, I seem to be getting the same amount done in my one minute poses as I do in five.

Unfortunately I won't have any drawing classes because of Thanksgiving (damn Pilgrims) but Will suggested I do some Master copies. I'll try to get that done between doing serious work on my thesis, but if I get any drawing practice in period I'll be happy.

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